Yuree Kensaku

Country : Thailand

City : Bangkok




Meet the artist!

Yuree Kensaku is a pluridisciplinary artist with her work, reknown for its electrical colors, an asserted sense of humour and its caricatural candy coated characters with a dark twist. Born in 1979. She lives and works in Bangkok.
In early 2020, she participates to the Intermondes Residency in La Rochelle in France where she creates « BLEU BLANC ROUGE », a new creation that will be exhibited in the Bangkok Art Biennale in October 2020 (BAB 2020 https://www.bkkartbiennale.com/artist/yuree-kensaku).
It is through highly graphic allegorical scenes, caricatural and full of symbols with multiple meanings that Yuree Kensaku translates the universality of the lockdown period. Her Thai inspiration and her French inspiration developed during her recent residency at the Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle cohabit in a sparkling and humorous way in her colourful creations inspired by the world of Japanese manga.

“Escaping, avoidance of confrontation, violence, fear, and frustration both personal and social, these are concealed under oversimplification of truth and cheerful colors, a sugar-coated shell hiding its bitterness underneath.
This is the way I transform the issues surrounding me into various types of art throughout my artistic career.
In the world where being far is being near.
We hear about each other across borders and without the slightest delay. In the midst of this pandemic where we find ourselves today, no one remains unaffected by the virus, no matter where you are on this planet.
I take stories from the news from various sources to mix them up with my personal experience and imagination, and turn them into paintings relating how people in the society adapt to survive”.