Kawita Vatanajyankur is a committed performing artist. Born in 1987, she lives and works in Bangkok.Her work, where she stages herself, is based on the repetitiveness of movement,

highlighting the vicious circle of contemporary adressed societal issues. She does not advocate violence or revolution but dialogue between the different actors in society.
Kawita Vatanajyankur immerses the spectator into a highly contemporary and universal theme of our modern societies: the status of women in domestic life.
Drawing some inspiration from the advertising images created by our consumerist modern societies, the colouring and aesthetic brightness of her creations reinforce the impact and commitment of her work.

Submission, force, abjection, absurdity, personal involvement of the artist are present to generate tensions and ultimately disturb the viewer.

“I created Sponge, a performative video work in addition to my previous series titled Tools in which my body was succumbed and pressured to work as an object within a domesticated environment. Housework, even though it is usually seen as an abstract work, it is never ending and usually physically and psychologically exhausting. Often seen as female’s unappreciated work, it, in fact requires strength, power and endurance. Within this particular work, I slowly turned my physical body into a cleaning sponge to clean the dish. The repetitive action and movement of the body as well as the squeezed face aim to transform myself into a complete cleaning sponge through a pattern of meditative stage. At times, the face is forced and suppressed to be soaked within the cleaning soap before coming back to be pushed against the dish continuously and sometimes, violently”.