Kitikong Tilokwattanotai

Artist exclusively represented in France by the gallery since 2019

Acrylic and lacquer on canvas

Country : Thailand

City : Chiang-Mai



Meet the artist


Kitikong Tilokwattanotai is a recognized abstract artist in Thailand. He works mainly in printmaking, painting and mixed media.

Through graphic representations of color, his creations embody emotions and personal experiences. Inspired by calligraphic signs, Tilokwattanotai tries to find beauty in the visual language. He chooses the mediums of color and movement to express the memory of his life experiences. The emotions that have resulted from these experiences are the inspiration of his latest works. In expressing the fluidity of the stories he shares with us, Tilokwattanotai also contemplates the reasons behind the spontaneity of his expressions and uses his creations as a medium for introspection.

Kitikong’s works are held in several public and private collections, including the Tisco Museum in Bangkok, the Rachamankha Hotel, UNSW College of Fine Arts and Chiang Mai University.

Kitikong also founded and manages the Chiang-Mai Art on Paper (C.A.P) Studio, a printmaking studio that has grown from a modest beginning to a thriving creative center. He is an accomplished printmaker and motivated entrepreneur who actively encourages and promotes both emerging and established artists. His diverse practice is centered around an enduring fascination with abstract creation and the infinite possibilities of print media.

Kitikong is exclusively represented in France by the gallery since 2019.