Jason Tamthai

Country : Thaïland

City : Chiang-Mai




Born in 1976 in Chiang Mai, Jason Tamthai graduated from the BA Studio Art at Bates college in the USA to finally get his Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. After 8 years of traveling, Jason returned to his hometown in 2002 to fully dedicate himself to his artistic creation.

Jason’s philosophy of minimalism is presented in an abstract form. His work combines deep tones coming from baroque painting with sweet touches from Asian inspiration.

Inspired by the landscapes of northern Thailand where he lives, his work emphasizes the fusion between man and nature, transporting the viewer into a feeling of peace.

His work consists mainly of oil paintings and woodcuts techniques.

The minimalist abstraction of the “light” series represents the abundance of the four elements – water, earth, fire and wind – present in the luxuriant tropical country of Thailand.
Tamthai’s unique technique of waterfalls and drips of paint transports the viewer on a journey into the heart of Thai nature and emotions.