Florian Sông Nguyễn

Country : France – Vietnam

Cities : Hôh-Chi-Minh – Paris – Marrakech




Born in 1988, Florian Sông Nguyễn is a contemporary Franco-Vietnamese artist. He lives and works between Paris, Hô-Chi-Minh Ville and Marrakech.

Driven by questions of identity, fascinated by mysticism and its invisible territories, he uses the medium of drawing as a tool for exploration.
He shapes a world from which emerges vegetation, men, stones, birds, monsters, stray dogs and whose atmosphere aims to communicate with our deepest intimacy.
Florian places the process of drawing at the heart of his inspiration and each of his works is the result of a long journey originating in contemplation.
Each of his creations reveals a fluid and meticulous gesture emerging from a state at the limit of our perceptions, in which he immerses himself.
While thinking in a series logic, Florian also displays his drawings in space in the form of books, installations and performances.

His work enters the collection of the Jenisch Vevey Museum in 2024. It has been exhibited in particular at Drawing Now Art Fair in 2024, at the 73rd Jeune Creation Festival in Paris, at the 12th Berlin Biennale, the Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts, the French Institute of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, SPRMKT art space at STPI in Singapore, Metaxu and Axolotl gallery in Toulon, DDESSIN art fair in Paris in 2018, A2Z art Gallery in Paris, Gabinete de Madame Thao in Lisbon and Rue de Tanger in Casablanca.