Avishek Sen

Country : India

City : New Delhi




Born in 1975 in Bengal, Avishek Sen is graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Santiniketan, a hundred kilometers away from Kolkata. He lives and works in New Delhi.

Through his highly suggestive and sensual watercolors, Avishek Sen has always attempted to highlight and reframe the conversation between man and nature. Sen’s astonishing connections between animal and plant, animal and man, man and animal, are not unlike metaphors for man’s never-ending thirst for domination over nature. It is not surprising that his spectacular images have become true replicas of our strange world.

Sen’s work is full of layers and references. He often refers to the convergence of politics and faith. These references are often obscure and serve to support the visual, which takes the center stage in his creations. But they also allow one to watch and rediscover the work over and over again. The language of fruit and flowers, traditionally depicted as still life, is completely transformed in this elaborate dreamscape.
Just as he creates the image with layers of paint, applied thinly and repeatedly, Sen builds the mythology and story told by the painting.

Sen’s work has been exhibited at arnaud Lebecq Gallery in Paris, Espace Gallery and Apparao Gallery in New Delhi, Aicon Gallery, New York, Albion Gallery, London, CIMA Gallery, Kolkata, to name a few. In addition, Avishek Sen has participated in numerous art fairs such as India Art Fair, Abu Dhabi Art Fair, Scope New York and Art Singapore. In 2018, Sen’s work entered the collection of the FRAC de la Réunion. In 2007, he completed an artist residency at Point Ephémère in Paris. In 2000, he received the National Fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of the Government of India.