Kawita Vatanajyankur
Yuree Kensaku
Tawan Wattuya
Kitikong Tilokwattanotai
Kwanchai Lichaikul
Somyot Hananuntasuk


from 8 to 10 october 2021
daily from 11am to 8 pm
Opening reception on october 7th from 7 pm


Parc des expositions et des congrès de Dijon
Centre Clemenceau
3 boulevard de Champagne 21000 Dijon – France

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The primary purpose of a contemporary art fair is above all that of being a meeting place. ART FAIR // DIJON was born after talking to gallery owners and collectors hoping for a return to the basics; where conviviality would be the central issue, the bearer of meetings and possible futures. We do not claim to revolutionize the art sector, but alongside these actors, we share with them the urgent need to give meaning and soul to the art fair gatherings.

Because the gallery owner is above all the defender of the artists he exhibits, their spokesperson. More than a merchant, he invests his passion in the service of the subtle links that bind him to the artist. Replacing this alchemy back at the very center of our Fair seems obvious to us. All the gallery owners present are selected by certain criteria, whose artistic line follows the commitments and strong intentions of the Fair. Collaborating with museums, institutions and foundations, these other essential actors in the art world are a part of the foundation of the Fair.

Promoting young creation is the second essential pillar in our selection. These galleries have an important reputation as they represent international artists and participate in international exhibitions. But they also support and defend local artists where they practice thus supporting new ideas and new concepts by playing the role of influencers in the world of art. Confronting a younger generation with established artists is one of the projects defended by ART FAIR // DIJON.


Land of artists and collectors, Bourgogne Franche-Comté is ideal for embodying this new Fair. A Fair full of life where we will highlight publishers, whom are real promoters and interlocutors in the world of art. Our artistic committee will reward the talents of tomorrow with the “Art Fair Dijon prize”. Creators, gallery owners, art lovers, collectors and the curious will be at the center of raising awareness of art, which is an action that is dear to ART FAIR // DIJON.

As Danton proclaimed: “We need audacity, more audacity, always audacity …”

Jean-Marc Bassand
Founder of Art Fair // Dijon