Amnaj Wachirasut
Soichiro Shimizu


June 1 – 15, 2024.
Daily from 12am to 7pm (except Mondays) and on appointment.
Opening reception on June 1st from 6pm to 9pm.


20 rue des Gravilliers
75003 Paris

Metro: Arts & Métiers – Châtelet.

Press Release

Révélations Secrètes – Unveiling Secrets : Soichiro Shimizu and Amnaj Wachirasut unveil hidden truths

As it celebrates its fifth anniversary, galerie arnaud Lebecq is proud to present “Révélations Secrètes” – “Unveiling Secrets” – an exhibition featuring Amnaj Wachirasut and Soichiro Shimizu. These two artists from the Thai art scene, discovered in early 2024, explore universal themes with singular sensibility and intensity.

Amnaj Wachirasut: Capturing the neighborhood’s changing landscape

Amnaj Wachirasut captures the intimate disruption caused by the construction of a sky train in his district. The semi-abstract landscapes he creates represent a visual narrative of the profound transformations reshaping his environment.
But Wachirasut transcends simple visual representation to immerse himself in the emotional depths of an individual struggling with the evolution of his familiar neighbourhood.

The use of carefully selected colors plays a central role in conveying the complexity of his emotions, blending vibrant shades with muted tones to create a sensation of both beauty and inner tension.
Blurred outlines suggest a sense of confusion and uncertainty, reflecting the artist’s emotional turmoil. The mirrors and distortions effects associated with the threatening presence of the sky train act as visual metaphors of the fragmentation of the artist’s once-familiar world.

Soichiro Shimizu: mastering the impermanent and reconnecting with deep nature

Soichiro Shimizu explores the captivating interaction between opposite forces: the creation and decomposition of nature and humanity. His paintings, shaped with duality and impermanence, invite us to consider the meaning of cyclicity and the transitory nature of existence.
Shimizu builds up layers of multiple colors with high-energy movements, emphasizing his impact on materials.
These layers are then “deconstructed” by sanding process. The strata, at first invisible, are then unveiled. This process reveals the traces of his past creative activities, like remnants of a memory in constant transformation.
The artist invites us to contemplate the very essence that existed before the layers were constructed, suggesting a deeper truth hidden beneath the surface. What is revealed is what has always been there.

“Révélations Secrètes” is an invitation to explore the impermanence of existence, the complexity of human emotions and the fragile beauty of transformation.