Phathaiwat (Top) Changtrakul

Country : Thailand

City : Bangkok




Meet the artist!

Graduated from the San Francisco Institute of Arts, Top Changktrakul is a multimedia artist.Born in 1970, he works and lives in Bangkok.
He is behind the first « hotel art fair » in Bangkok in 2013. He participated in 2004 in the « Snow Show » in Finnish Lapland and in the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003.
All over the world, dreams intrigue, worry and fascinate… the dream of the sleeping child has no boundaries or limits.

What happens in Bangkok does not stay in Bangkok.

In the « Heroes » series, Top Changtrakul explores the carefree nature of his child imagination, which he reflects in his drawings using crayon, drawings that are strikingly fresh and sometimes tinged with gravity.
« I love my childhood. I had a great time growing up and getting to know the world I lived in. My parents are very warm and carefree; most of the time they just let me be with my friends. My childhood memories are my sanctuary ; it’s a place of good memories and good times. In this series, I want viewers to get to know some of the heroes I dreamed about when I was young. Some of my heroes come from movies I’ve seen or comic books I’ve read or records I’ve listened to. These drawings are me, in a different profession; each one has a unique personality and specialty.  I hope that looking at my drawings will also take you back to your childhood, a place where imagination comes before perfection ».