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Solo Exhibitions :

2021: “MONEY” Hatch Art Project, Singapore
2020: “Paradise go go bar” Patpong Museum, Bangkok, Thailand.
– “MENAGERIE” SUNY ONEONTA University, Oneonta, New York,USA
– “Queen” nca nichido contemporary, Tokyo, Japan
– “ AMNESIA” 1 Project , Bangkok , Thailand
– “A Multitude of Possibilities” Hatch Art Project, Singapore
– “Rogues Gallery : Monsters, Villains & Hellbent Politicians”, The Lodge Gallery, New York , USA
– “Out of The Frying Pan, into The Fire” ARTIST+RUN Bangkok , Thailand
– “The Insignificant War” Diginner gallery workshop, Tokyo, Japan
– “Reckless” Toot Yung Art Center, Mae Rim, Chang Mai, Thailand
2017: “Blinded” Diginner gallery workshop, Tokyo, Japan
2015: “When water Beats” ART&PLUS, Paris, France
-“Like a Virgin” Alliance Françoise de Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia
– “Dek Oey Dek Dee” Toot Yung Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand
2013: “Tii Tai Krua” The Art Center, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok ,Thailand
2012: “Fading Nostalgia” Gallery Yang, 798 art zone, Beijing, China
2011: “Superheroes and the Unreachable Fantasies”, DCA Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
– “Okinawa part 2”, Tsuchi Gallery, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
– “Bimboes, Stars & Super heroes”, Toot Yung Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Uniform/Uniformity”, Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Tawan Wattuya”, Galerie Compagnies du Monde, Paris, France
– “Beijing Art Fair”, Beijing, China
2007: “Siamese Freaks”, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2005: “500” Sarazine Gallery, Sarasin Road, Bangkok, Thailand
2001: “Lonely People” Burapha University Art Gallery, Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand
2000: “Western Japan Merger” The Gallery by Cocoon, Bangkok, Thailand

Group exhibitions

2021: “SMALL” Nichido Museum, Kasama, Japan.
– “escape routes” Bangkok Art Biennale 2020, Bangkok, Thailand
– “On the Frontline of Contemporary Art from the Taguchi Art
– Collection” Shimonoseki City Art Museum, Yamaguchi, Japan.
– “NO FRONTIERS” galerie arnaud Lebecq, Paris, France.
– “Crossover Pattani” Pattani art space & Eh gallery , Pattani, Thailand
– “Daisuke Miyatsu Collection x Kasama Nichido Muceum of Art Blending the quintessence of modern and contemporary art” Nichido Museum , Kasama, Japan
– “Spring Haiku” SFA Projects , New York, USA
– “AFTER EDEN” Harrick Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
– “The Blog of Choice” Associazione Culturale Art’ A.V.A., Taranto, Italy
– “RE/FORM/ING PATANI” Melayu living , Pattani, Thailand
– “Khon Kaen Manifesto” GF building, Khon Kaen, Thailand
– “Art Collection Exhibition” T-Art Hall ,Tokyo ,Japan
– “galerie nichido Taipei Winter Group Show” galerie nichido Taipei, Taipei , Taiwan
– “small works: an endless journey” nca nichido contemporary, Tokyo, Japan
– “Farewell : The art Center’s Acknowledgment” The Art Center Chula, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Condemned To Be Free” WTF Gallery & Café, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Je t’ aime… moi non plus” nca nichido contemporary art , Tokyo, Japan
– “Funayama’s collection” Fuma Contemporary Tokyo Bunkyo Art, Tokyo, Japan
– “A Journey Far From Home” Galerie Nichido, Taipei , Taiwan
– “Jura- Okinawa” Galerie Du Sauvage , Jura, Switzerland
– “Totem” Saatchi Gallery, London, England
– “Head or Tails?” Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, USA
– “PRUDENTIAL EYE AWARD” Contemporary Asian Art, ArtScience Museum, Singapore
– “Bare” Hof art , Bangkok, Thailand
– “a peculiar nature” The Lodge gallery, New York, USA
– “Tracing the past” nca / nichido contemporary art , Tokyo, Japan
– “Crossover” Rycom Anthropology, Koza, Okinawa, Japan
– “KOANS” Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
– “World Watermedia Exposition, Thailand, Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok
– “ANTHROPOS” Sundaram Tagore gallery, New York, USA
– “DENY” Gallery D-9, Bangkok, Thailand
– “BUKRUK” BACC, Bangkok,Thailand
– “UNCENSORED” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Anthropos” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok ,Thailand
– “Anthropos” Sundaram Tagore Gallery , Singapore
– “Cut Thru” Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore
– “Thai Trends from Localism to Internationalism” , BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Dialogues”, Belgian and Thai art and design exhibition, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
– “Wall2”, BACC, Bangkok, Thailand
– “RAW” Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “City of angels/identity crisis”,Galerie 59 rue Rivoli, Paris, France
– “When all you got is given”68 Square Metres Art Space, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010: “KOZA A.I.R”, M&A gallery, Okinawa city, Okinawa, Japan
– “Story of the Eye”, Gossip Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
– “La Thailande vous sourit” Chapelle Saint Julien, Salinelles, France
– “Broadsheet Notations”,Tang Comtemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
– “The Inner I”, GMT+7 Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
– “My next Artist”, Nguyen Tan Chong Gallery, Paris, France
– “VDO”, 856 G Gallery, Cebu, Philippine
– “3 Young Contemporary”, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2007: “Artist self portrait”, The Silom Galleria, Bangkok, Thailand
2006: 10th Anniversary, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2005: “Face Up”, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2004: “Ode to the Period’s Difference”, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2003: “Private”, Art Exhibition, Rajamangala Institute of Technology Art Gallery (Klong 6 Campus), Thailand
2002: “Traces of Wisdom”, Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


Residency Programs

2006,2010,2016, 2017 Okinawa , Japan
2011 Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 Beijing , China
2015 Budapest , Hungary
2016 Oaxaca , Mexico
2017 Jura , Switzerland
2018 Taipei , Taiwan


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