Kwanchai Lichaikul

Country : Thailand

City : Bangkok




Meet the artist!

Born in 1983, Kwanchai Lichaikul is a thai artist graduated from the Thai Arts Department – Drawing and Painting – of the Bangkok University of Fine Arts. He lives and works in Bangkok.

Using the perspective of bird’s-eye view of flying birds, Kwanchai Lichaikul is inspired by the unique technique of traditional mural paintings found in Buddhist temples in Thailand. On these paintings, the use of color and line without any perspective or shadow, reflects the legend of the Buddha. The pictorial representations of angels, gods, princesses, forests and animals are idealized to reveal as well a hidden vision of the society.

Kwanchai Lichaikul’s creations are an amazing combination of this cultural heritage and a vision of contemporary society.
Kwanchai Lichaikul includes in the traditional way contemporary elements from his interpretation of current political, urban and societal issues.
Transforming the passive viewer into an active observer, his paintings encourage the public to examine its own perceptions of social structure and reinterpret them with an open mind.

Using the drawing technique, the works, observed from a distance, present a countless overlapping of lines, close to abstraction, an intimate portrait of a disorganized system in an unplanned society. From a closer angle, the viewer will soon recognize the confusion caused by urban chaos.

Kwanchai Lichaikul was nominated for the Award of the International Drawing Art Fair in Paris – DDESSIN{20} – in september 2020 and his work recognized and acclaimed by the Jury and the collectors.