Kitikong Tilokwatanotai (monoprints)
Kwanchai Lichaikul


from 16 to 20 september 2020


Atelier Richelieu
60 rue de Richelieu
75002 Paris
B2- 1st floor

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The 8th edition of DDESSIN PARIS, DDESSIN {20}, will take place from 16 to 20 September 2020 in the 700 m2 of the “under the glass roof” Atelier Richelieu, located between the Palais de la Bourse and the historic site of the BNF (French National Library), and will be a not-to-be-missed event of the Drawing Art Week in Paris.
This edition confirms the major role of the event: to be a launching platform for the young artistic scene working on drawing in all its forms, and for the galleries defending it, both in France and abroad.

You will be able to discover on the booth of the arnaud Lebecq gallery new creations by two outstanding and recognized artists from the Thai and international art scenes:

the abstract work of Kitikong Tilokwattanotai reflecting his creative process through his unique monoprint technique

Kwanchai Lichaikul’s monochrome creations embodying both his critical and oniric reading of the contemporary urban environment.