Thirawat Ngosawang

Country : Thaïland

City : Bangkok




Born in 1994, Thirawat Ngoswang is a young artist graduated in 2017 in Applied Arts from Silpakorn University in Bangkok. He lives and works in Bangkok.

In his digital creations, Ngosawang questions our perception and interpretation of the object, symbol of shape. By erecting a brick wall in front of the object, Ngosawang reflects the factors leading to a multiple perception of the object by the viewer: perspective of vision, social discourse, the viewer’s own experience, culture and Faith. These factors can then block us from absolute reality or distort its essence.

With another vision, this brick can be a wall, a house, the structure of another element, and from a globalization point of view, a brick can be perceived as pixels that will give birth to the image or the social norm.

By using the drilled cement brick, the basic material used in Thai house construction, Thirawat Ngosawang draws his inspiration from the deep roots of the tradition of his country. We are seduced by the very high quality of the created images; the digital creation technique he is using immerses the viewer into a three-dimensional space fascinating by its realism and depth.